Video Ads: Revolutionize your Marketing Campaigns

A lot of brands are already making their mark on the digital landscape using video ads with Facebook, are you? In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know to get started with your First Facebook Video Ad.



Digital Marketing is something that’s constantly evolving; it’s changing every moment and has a diverse set of aspects. Trends here change everyday and while we have GIF’s one day, the next day it’s all about “Touch and Hold” posts or “Touch to See” posts. If you don’t keep evolving the type of content you send out, it’s tough to get your audience to follow you; however, there’s one type of ads which have stood the test of time, Video Ads. It’s been found that video ads achieve 135% higher organic reach as compared to static posts. Facebook, a highly utilized avenue for social media marketing, itself claims that, worldwide, people spend around 100 million hours everyday watching Facebook Video Ads and in this time, there are a total of 8 Billion Video Views.


More and more brands are constantly engaging their agencies to build video ads in order to build customer outreach, achieve higher conversion, etc. Regardless of whether you are a startup trying to better explain your product/service to your target audience base or a large consumer brand trying to create awareness for your latest product, videos can help. In the modern entrepreneurial world, startup explainer videos are a must for both explaining your startup idea to consumers and to investors; meanwhile, most FMCG’s consider that video ads are a must whenever a new product hits the market.


In a study with marketers using Video Ads, 97% said that videos helped them better explain a product or service to the target market. In the same study, it was also found that 81% marketers linked video ads to a direct increment of sales. In a second study, it was found that video-based e-mail marketing has boosted e-mail click-through rates by a whooping 200-300%! So now that you know how important video ads are, let’s get started with everything that you need to know to get started with your first video ads:


(1) Creating a Buyer Persona

The first thing that you need to do whenever you are creating a video ad is to understand who the ad will be delivered to, in other words, you need to create a buyer persona. A buyer persona is essentially a broad description of your target audience base.


There is, however, a key difference. While in a target audience base, we specify an audience based on demographics such as age groups, gender, work titles, etc. A buyer persona is much more specific, for example, in case of a pizzeria close to a college, a buyer persona may be an 18-year-old male college student who likes cheese, goes to classes five days a week and is looking for a great place for meals between classes. Most businesses have multiple sets of buyer personas.


A sample buyer persona profile of Hubspot


(2) Creating the Content for your Advertisement:



Once you are done with building the perfect buyer persona for your business, you need to get started with the content of your video. Ideally, you would want the content in your video to resonate with your target audience base and have values that would appeal to them. There are a few ways to do that:


• Relate to your target audience base:

This is one of the reasons why creating a buyer persona is so important when trying to build a quality ad. If you are trying to build an unbeatable ad, you need to raise some kind of emotions within your target audience’s mind. Going back to the pizzeria example, if you realize as the business owner that a large portion of your target audience is made up of people who like a lot of cheese, you can just make a video which clearly shows how much cheese goes on to make your pizzas.


• Be Specific:
You don’t want your ad to confuse your target audience, so be very specific regarding the message that you want to send out to. Going back to the pizzeria example, if you are trying to promote the usage of cheese, show how much cheese goes into making a pizza, don’t show that you have quality chefs or you have a clean kitchen.


• Try to solve specific problems that your target audience suffers from:
Does your product or service solve a problem in the local area or does it make the lives of people easier? If it does then you should focus your video on that. For example, if our theoretical pizzeria also has a 24/7 delivery service to student dorm rooms that no other eatery in the area offer, you might think of promoting that in a video ad as well.


(3) Tailor Your Content:



People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter every day, the more digital device and media people engage themselves into, the lesser it gets. In fact, our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish’s. Savvy video marketers know this fact and that’s why they are now tailoring content in order to make videos shorter. In fact, 56% of all videos published last year for marketing purposes were shorter than 2 minutes in length. Thereby, it’s a good idea to not include content such as interviews or anything else that requires a lot of time in your video. Remember that when it comes to video ads, the shorter it is, the better.


(4) Find a good agency
Find a good agency and set up a meeting. Now this here is a must, most entrepreneurs figure that they can do video marketing by themselves and end up spending a ton of money for something that doesn’t get even the least bit of traction. Making a quality video involves a lot of aspects such as lighting, sound control, cinematography, color toning, mastering, editing, etc. and it usually takes a team of people to do it. If you decide that you will go for video ads to market your business, you need to follow the above steps and then find a good agency that has a decent video ads portfolio to execute your ideas to perfection.