Print Media – Dead or Alive? Let’s take a look at the facts?

Print media — dead or alive!


Have you chosen your side? Or is there a better argument that can satisfy both sides? Let’s find out!


Print Media is Dead Side:  With the advent of mobile apps, social media platforms, websites, and other interactive online sources, print media is dying a slow death.


Print Media Alive Side:  No… print media is alive and well. Did you know around 70% of people in the United States prefer to read print than text off a device’s screen?


Print Media is Dead Side:  So, you want facts, right? Newspaper advertising is expected to witness its biggest decline to date — it’s forecasted that the revenues will go from $18.8 billion to $14.9 billion between 2017 and 2020.


Print Media is Alive Side:  Even then, 56% of all people deem print media as the most reliable form of marketing than digital marketing, thus giving local businesses increased exposure.


Print Media is Dead Side:  Not quite true. According to my statistics, mobile marketing is the reigning king of digital marketing with Google playing a huge role. The search engine drives 96% of traffic, thus giving local businesses a better chance of receiving exposure.


Print Media is Alive Side:  Email marketing is part of digital marketing and its future is looking glum. Only 80% people open traditional mail whereas 80% emails sent in the inbox remain unopened!


Print Media is Dead Side: Mobile users opening emails has increased by 180% in the past three years. Blame the businesses for not having a solid email marketing strategy because the stats don’t lie.


Print Media is Alive Side: Well, research states that people are more likely to remember what they read in print than on the screen.


Print Media is Dead Side:  That is why we have mobile apps! More and more local businesses are developing mobile apps because 89% people prefer to use an app. Either businesses get an app or advertise through existing social media apps like Facebook.


Print Media is Alive Side:  But….



Let me speak…. Print media will not die and digital marketing will not take over print media. The statistics both of you are shying away from is…


Print media advertising increases the effectiveness of a local business’s online advertising on various digital marketing channels by 4x!


Just because Democrats and Republicans can’t work together, doesn’t mean print media and digital marketing can’t work together as well. Local businesses need to use both in tandem to fuel their advertising and marketing efforts, attract customers, and increase revenue.


Not convinced yet… here are more facts at your disposal:


According to the research conducted by Pennsylvania News Media Association, people under 45 refer to online advertising while people over 55 refer to print advertising. If local businesses want to target both markets, they should advertise in both mediums.


According to the 2015 yearly report by CMI, print advertising ranked the second most used form of advertising with 57% of businesses using it.


The 2016 DMA Statistical Fact Book states that people redeemed 2.5 billion coupons and businesses mailed over 10.6 million catalogs in the mail.


Local searches for businesses are increasing 50% more on mobile devices.


Local businesses will utilize location-targeted advertising on mobile devices with their spending increasing to $32.4 billion in 2021.


Long Live Print Media and Digital Media!